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Santa Barbara Classic
  • The Project Manager is responsible for setting up the Roles & responsibilities matrix and for ensuring that it is adhered to.
  • Each job is unique and the job team must decide who has the primary responsibility to communicate with the Architect/Engineer/Designer/Owner. Other team members who communicate with A/E/D/O must ensure that all information is copied to the primary contact in a timely manner.
  • The PM/PE should produce a Subcontractor Bid Analysis that can be presented to the A/E/D/O if necessary.
  • All Subcontract drafts must be reviewed by the PS for accuracy. If possible, the PS should consult with the Subcontractor PS also.
  • The PM/PE must ensure that all contracts have been executed, with appropriate insurance in place, prior to the Subcontractor commencing work on site.
  • The PM/PE must ensure that all General Liability and Builders Risk insurance is in place before construction starts.
  • With input from the PS, the PM/PE should manage the Pre-Roofing/Waterproofing/Critical Item meetings. There will need to be interaction with the A/E and the Subcontractors for most issues.
  • The PM/PE must prepare all the monthly Forecasts.
  • The PM/PE must work with the PS to manage the Job Cost system.
  • The Change Management process: The PM has primary responsibility for this very important task. They must communicate with all parties and execute the required documentation in a timely manner. The PM must ensure that no change work proceeds until the process has been completed.
  • The PM/PE should help the PS by reviewing all their paperwork responsibilities (e.g. Daily Reports, etc).
  • The PM/PE should take the lead in ensuring that the Close-out process runs concurrently with the job.
  • The PM/PS should ensure that the Lessons Learned matrix is updated regularly and relevant information is shared with Estimators and other Superintendents.
  • The PM should work with the Company Owners to ensure that the Customer Satisfaction Plan is kept updated and that necessary action is taken when needed.