Why Hillis Built?

Hillis Built Luxury Homes is a full-service custom home builder located in Scottsdale, Arizona serving the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area.

Hillis Built was founded with the vision of creating truly unique custom homes built with the highest level of quality while providing clients with unparalleled service. From initial concept to final move-in, our goal is to exceed expectations.

Every client envisions their perfect home having all of the spaces and amenities suited to their lifestyle in harmony with a creative flair that makes it stand out from the rest. At Hillis Built, we recognize this and with our experience, we are able to help clients realize their dream home. We strive to seek out the beauty of each lot and to maximize the space and flow of the home within the natural surroundings. Working together with the client, architect, and designer, we help to balance the team effort in creating the client’s dream while at the same time, keeping the project on budget.

At Hillis Built, we pride ourselves on understanding quality construction and make a point to incorporate this into each and every project. We begin our process at the design stage, providing input into the quality of the design, the materials selected and help to value engineer the design. Once construction begins, we use only the best tradesmen in their chosen field and oversee them with our highly qualified on-site project managers. We follow up with our perfectionist attitude toward the finishing touches ensuring that our homes are built to a level that exceeds expectations.

Finally, our team at Hillis Built is focused on providing unparalleled service. We believe that personal interaction between the client and the principles of Hillis Built, Jeff Hillis is a key element in achieving quality service. Jeff does not believe in passing his clients down the food chain, but instead, develop a personal understanding of his client’s needs and personally see that they are achieved.

In addition to a personal understanding of the project, we also provide highly skilled onsite and in-house staff to ensure that our clients are met with the best level of knowledge and service in the industry.


Jeff Hillis


A Native of Arizona, growing up in Paradise Valley, Jeff has deep roots in the Valley of the Sun. During High School and College, Jeff was busy working various construction jobs. This offered him an opportunity to learn about architecture and construction; which had an impact on his eye for detail and his decision to build luxury homes. “I realized at an early age that I had the unique ability to visualize colors, textures, structures and how they relate to their space and environment.”

After graduating from ASU with a Bachelor of Science in 1992, Jeff started his career in Real Estate & Construction. In his 24 years of experience, Jeff has always focused on creating the most value for his clients. He realizes that each client is unique and that the finished product should reflect that individual.